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Fantasy Premier League ‘The Crusader Champions league’

Fantasy Premier League 'The Crusader Champions league': Knowing a lot of our customers are big football fans like us in the office here at Crusader. We have decided it is time that we put your knowledge to the test and inviting you take part in our Fantasy Premier League. Are you ready to become the Champion Crusader and Win the Crusader Vans Champions League? Sign up on the Fantasy Premier League website: And join our league by using the following code: 2449641-687010

Ford Have Announce New Facelifted Ford Transit Custom For 2018

Ford Have Announce New Facelifted Ford Transit Custom For 2018   Ford have announced plans for the facelift for the aging Transit Custom model.  As well as the facelift, we are expecting to see some changes to the trim level. From the images that have been provided it appears that Ford have replaced the unpopular alloys that feature on the current generation of Customs with a smaller version of the alloys from the Ford Transit Custom Sport. If our assumptions are [...]

Overloaded Vans Widespread On UK Roads

Overloaded Vans Widespread On UK Roads   Last year the DVSA found that 88.5% of the vans that they weighed where found to be overloaded. This has increased from just over 81% checked vans last year. With fines and penalties and spot checks happening in greater frequency it is becoming more and more and more important to make sure you know and check your loading limits.   As well as fines for overloading driving an overloaded van causes perfomance and handling issues.  An overloaded van is [...]

New Speeding Fines Explained

New Speeding Fines Explained   From the 24th April new speeding fines have been in place across the UK meaning that you could face a fine of up to 175% of your weekly income if you are caught speeding.  Speeding fines are being broken down into 3 bands A, B, & C.   Band A:   A Band A fine is generally set at 50% of weekly income but has lower limit of 25% and upper limit of 75%. Carrying 3 penalty points.   Band B:   A Band [...]

Dashcam Footage Saves Company From A £16,000 Insurance Claim

Dashcam Footage Saves Company From A £16,000 Insurance Claim For one London Transit driver something a simple as a dashcam can saved them from a nightmare of an insurance bill. When a driver of Nissan Note jumped the red light and collided with the Ford Transit coming from the opposite direction. The Nissan Diver claimed they were not at fault and submitted a claim of just over £16,000. Luckily for the van driver they had their dash cam turned on and [...]

Euro 6 Vortex Sport – Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive Carbon Fibre Edition

Euro 6 Vortex Sport - Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive Carbon Fibre Edition Before delivering it to one of our customers. I took out one of latest Vivaro Vortex the Vauxhall Vivaro Vortex Carbon Fibre on a test drive. Before we even got in the van I was surprised how much the carbon fibre decals, wing mirrors, front splitter and rear spoiler stand out. They take the normal Vortex Vivaro and turn it up to 11. They give the Vortex even more of [...]

How A Beast Is Born: Creating The Ford Transit Custom Vortex Sport

How A Beast Is Born: Creating The Ford Transit Custom Vortex Sport   Here at Crusader we are driven by delivering you the best possible product for your needs. We noticed that there has been a real want a great priced Sport Van. That is how the Vortex Family of vans was created. We noticed that a lot of Van Manufactures and Van Outfitters have been selling Sport vans for greatly over inflated prices for what basically is just an upgrade [...]

Are You Euro 6 Compliant?

What is Euro 6? Euro 6 is a new standard in that has been produced to try to reduce the level of harmful gas being emitted. In many areas, new legislation is being produced to target none Euro 6 Commercial Vehicles. Under Euro 6 different emissions have been set for petrol and diesel engines. With a diesel engine compared to Euro 5 permitted level of NOx has been reduced by 55% from 180mg/km to only 80mg/km.  How Does Euro 6 Work? To reduce [...]

Brand New Volkswagen Crafter

Brand New Volkswagen Crafter Deliveries of Volkswagen brand new Crafter will be hitting UK sole in May. The new Crafter marks a change from the previous Crafter models being a 100% Volkswagen product. Meaning that no longer will you be getting Sprinter equipped with a VW powertrain. You will be getting a VW designed van inside and out. The brand new Crafter has won the prestigious International Can of the Year award for 2017 Working from the ground up Volkswagen following [...]

A You Prepared For Driving A Van In Snow?

A you prepared for driving a van in snow? Imagine the situation you are out in your nice new van supplied by Crusader Vehicles. Then all of a sudden the sky grows dark and snow falls. It is not the most ideal situation to be in your van. But as I know from my own experience it is something that happens to most of us. But what is the best course of action when dealing with snow on the roads. [...]